The school provides many academic facilities such as Library, science lab, Computer room, Free Hostel, Books, Stationeries, Uniforms and Health care,etc without any fee.

The school has a small Library because of the small strength of the students. Though the library is not that big, but it accommodates 10 to 15 students at a time. The library consists of Books of all genres and syllabus related books. The library is open from 10am-5pm and students usually go to library after school hours.

The school also offers computer lab for students to learn new things. As it is a given fact that computer/IT technology will slowly take over the world, the school provides computer knowledge to students. Computer learning from a young age will help the students to grasp the concept of technology. The school is also responsible for teaching its students how to make good use of the internet. As we all know that effective use of the internet depends on the person using it. It can either be very good source of knowledge or the worst that can happen to anyone. Several other basic concepts of computer are also taught in the computer lab.

Practical knowledge is as much important as academic knowledge. For this purpose, a mini science laboratory is provided by the school authorities so that students can understand the concepts of science in simpler and better ways.

Every year in the month of April, with the begining of new session, free uniforms and tracksuits along with stationaries like books, notebooks etc. are distributed by the school. The stationaries are provided to students all throughout the year as per their needs for free.

Since the school's main aim is to empower and educate the kids from backward areas and underprivileged families, so it provides hostel facility to its students for free. There are two separate furnished hostels for boys and girls. The elder students take care of the younger ones and help them in all the chores. All the kids live in a friendly environment and treat each other like a family. Well-balanced diet is provided to the students from the hostel mess. All the basic items like soaps, brushes, blankets and quilts are also provided free of cost.

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel