Indo-Swiss Buddhist school has always strived to provide transformative learning experience to its students, while keeping them rooted to their traditions. We are grateful to our donors and sponsors whose generosity has enabled deserving students to receive education and go out there to make their own mark. Our students come from different backgrounds and your financial support is crucial in fulfilling the dreams of those coming from underprivileged families. To keep up with the changing face of education, we are looking to improve our infrastructure and bring in modern digital technologies in coming years. Your continued support will provide the school with the required resources enabling it to provide the world-class education to our children and continue its service to the society.

*If you are interested in supporting us, please explore the below options of investing in the future of students*

How Would You Like To Support Us

Please contact us to know how you can sponsor a student.

You can also help us by voluntarily participating in various activities and projects. Currently we are looking volunteers to help us in the following:

1)Paint the walls.

2)Decorate the school.

3)Making an attractive video on school life.

4)Providing educational classes to our students.

*Click for volunteering*